Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am doing things... I Promise

Two weeks ago, in between the spaces of time lost to another, I did manage to do some things. 

1.I met my conversation buddy, Andrey, from the Sorbonne, who, is a really awesome person as well as his friend, Pope (Pop! literally that is the pronunciation), who came along with him. We mostly argue in english and I attempt every now and again to speak french.

2.I got sick. The fever, night sweats, body aches, swollen lymph glands, and fatigue kind. The kind in which I can't move and, henceforth, want to kill everyone who is happy and who congregates in the room watching youtube in front of me till close to midnight.  The kind of sick where I am just plain unpleasent to all the people I care about, because I know they will still be my friend afterwards. So I spent a good night or two staring at my ceiling thinking I was going to die.

3. I visited Marseille. Another place in France I enjoy way to much. Marseille sits on the southern coast of France and is a seaport. The seafood was amazing, the company wonderful, the people sweet. Its one of the few places in the world, I would sit, on the beach, bottle of wine in hand, eating cheese and sausage, as the tide rolls in like thunder, when it was only 40 degrees outside. It was a short trip but memorable. 

4. I spent my break in London and got a taste of how much I was going to miss Paris when I return to the states.  I also realized that I needed to really invest time more in cooking for myself and eating healthy.  Something I learned while cooking with my vegetarian friend Michelle, who I was staying with.  I met a man, a fellow songwriter, who gave me some advice and my friend free drinks. I met up with my musical peer and friend, Ariana. I visited the Tower of London  and got see how fat Henry the VIII really was.
My favorite part was the Ronnie Scott show. The singer Earl Thomas ( I thinks thats his name), who (get this) is from that great country, The U S of A, was the special guest and he sang the blues so well, I nearly cried, he was simply phenomenal with his skinny stature and all matching yellow and brown plaid suit. Only someone who can sing could pull of that outfit. The blues band that played behind him had a swinging, moving, melody and a sense of time and rhythm and space, that sank into the souls of, if not everyone, at least me and Michelle and the only other young ladies at the bar who still past us by at least 10 years. One of my favorite nights by far.

5. I got acquainted with "evils" of social care. Around the time, I made a note of trying to eat healthy, I also found out I had an infection. I waited for an hour and a half. Met the Doctor, we spoke, he poked a bit to make sure the infection hadn't gone to far. I gave 30 euros for the visit, he wrote me a prescriptions, which, by the way came down a chute from the ceiling as if sent from heaven already pre-packaged. Which, only cost a whopping 4. 64.Took the medicine and was better within 24 hours.

I see now, that, these five things pretty much sums up my life for the entire month of November. Just sparkle a few papers due here and there, add a couple unproductive lessons on my part, oh and the trip not worth speaking about on this particular blog, and you, have pretty much got the whole picture. 

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