Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Restart

I will not say I have found love in Paris. 
Though I will say I found something I wish I could hold on to. His name is not important at this time, neither for that matter is his occupation. He is kind, protective, and open-minded. He is from Algeria. He is from the hood. He speaks Arabic, French, and English. He wants to come to America because its a country of success. I laughed when he said this, but then he told me where he is from and his stories... I have learned so much.  I don't think we could be more different if we tried. We talk politics, the supposed role of men, the supposed role of women, the power of religion, the powers of the world, racism, the future, dreams, plans, everything. Nothing seems to be barred from conversation. It is wonderful.

So here I am lost in another persons world, so completely unlike mine, yet we still face the same fight, we still take things for granted. We even promises ourselves things we know cannot last.
Yes I am lost in an another's world and I plum near forgot that I had a blog.

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