Friday, September 18, 2009

(dates are off) (Dimanche 6)

Immediately, I have already started trying to reject the language. I have been here less then 6 hours and I want to close my ears to, make everyone speak and listen in english. How american am I? It is as if I have been culturally programmed to self-denote if unable to speak my own tongue. It is the strangest thing to me. As if I am a stranger to myself, with strange thoughts. I am quite ( I would like to think) open minded, but somehow excitement has not set, so has come to play house in my mind. My teacher spoke of homesick, though I don't think that it is not yet. it is still quite early. Though it might be a preemptive strike.
I naturally eavesdrop. I know its rude, I cannot help myself nonetheless. My ears love sound. It is nice to eavesdrop here, fascinated by the language, but unable to understand and unable to comprehend anything before or after 'the' in a single sentence. what joy.

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