Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Joy of cooking...

We had a welcome lunch today. I was a part of a group of sleepy IES students that were 15 minutes late, because we all got lost. The lunch was a cooking class taught by a french chef. Upon arriving, and after washing my hands, I made sure to notify the nearest way of exit. (The window in the left corner where I could drop myself down on to the roof of the building nearby) ...You see my french skills as bad as they are are in no way as near as bad as my cooking skills. I am the girl,that the girls, in LLC my freshman year, were muttering about when they had to evacuate the building, at 4 in the morning when the fire alarm went off. Yes that was me...I had fallen asleep and left a pot of pasta boiling. I swore I would never cook again. Yet here I stood, with the chef speaking rapid, elegant, french and showing me how to cut and chop vegetables. I just nodded my head each time he looked at me.
This is also the day I made my roommate cry, unintentionally of course. I was just the unfortunate one who got stuck with cutting the onions and she was just the equally as unfortunate one who had to be stuck right beside me. After all of the chopping, of onions, sugar snaps peas, carrots, fennel,tomatoes, and lemon we mixed into Kuinoa. ( They are these little grains, in case anyone was wondering. Maybe I was the only one who didn't know)  We seared chicken and put it in the oven to bake, and we mixed the chocolate for the chocolate souffle. It was scrumptious. So simple and so filling. I really love my program.
Though I hope my mother does not stumble upon this particular entry because then I am sure to never have her cook for me again, for, she will realize, as I did, that I am perfectly capable of cooking something without burning it. (with supervision)

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