Sunday, October 11, 2009

Paris Monuments Partie: II

I know I should have probably written this sooner way sooner. Each trip is on a different day and a bit spread apart.

Giverny- the place where Monet lived and where his inspiration for the water lily paintings came from. His house is surrounded by gardens that are really quite lovely.

Versaille- Simply stunning, way to beautiful for words,  gardens went on forever. The Hall of Mirrors were my favorite part. I even got to see the fountains go off. Its just a little ways outside of  Paris. I just wanted to live there.

Chantilly is actually really beautiful for a fortress. My day here consisted of way more pictures then is necessary of forestry ponds, swans, and gardens on the outside, and  picures of kings and queens, that once inhabited the castle. I wish I could tell you something I learned, but I kind of got lost somewhere at the beginning of the french tour when we talked about the fine silverware and then he rumbling of my stomach drowned out the better half of everything else that was said. My favorite part was the stain glass, which depicted the storyline of a lover of cupid and lunch. The castle also foster horses and a track for them to run. For the second part of our groups tour we watch a horse show, with different maneuvering skills and stunts.

The trip home was unforgettable. It never seem to fails me that no matter what I do or where I go bizarre things happen. I almost don't believe it myself. We return to the bus, in which I am completely exhausted after waking up at an unreasonable time in the morning. ( In which we were a half hour early and had to wait on the bus). Somewhere along the ride I knock out. I awoke, drool spilling down my arm, to gasps. I opened my eyes and was blinded by the naked stark white asses of 4 young teenage boys pressed against the window of the bus next to us. I promise you I have not seen asses that white since I was in high school in the suburbs. To make matters worse we were battling through traffic so each time we passed them or fell behind, our lane would move and we would pull along side them again and have a preview of another new mooning. At the time, it was the most action I have gotten in awhile.
Perfect way to end another perfect trip.

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