Saturday, October 24, 2009

Purgatory of Culture shock

It is not that I have forgotten anyone. It is not that I have forgotten how to write or that I even have this blog. It is that somewhere between the mess of culture shock, the city, IES students and music I have completely lost myself. My hermit independent state that came forth from the summer which I spent, for the most part, alone, dwindle back into the hopefulness and reliance of other people. People reaching me to conclusions I would have never once made, which, is neither good nor bad.
So today I go to reconnect myself, as I imagine everyone must do who immerses themselves in another cultures, however, I, of course run into of dilemma of who I am. Is it not who I am thinking is me right now? Who I thought I was two years ago? 
I am going out to remember a past me, one who perhaps has changed much since she has been here and will change even more in the months to come. I don't think she will be mourned, because change is inevitable and, after all, she plunged headfirst. Perhaps celebration is actually called for.

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